The Science of Workplace Design.™
The Science of Workplace Design.™

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Working with our clients through design.


Sustainable workplace design delivers improved performance in energy and other resource use, and higher productivity from your people. Workplaces that have access to natural lighting, clean air and autonomy over immediate lighting and temperature, allow people to positively engage with the environment and their senses.

Working closely with clients such as the Environment Agency and Triodos Bank has honed our ability to design sustainable and inspiring environments. We approach each project with the desire to maximise the environmental performance of the workplace. This approach to workplace design can be both green, sustainable and profitable for our clients’ organisations. By improving the green credentials of your space, you really can save money.

Our procurement strategy at Harmsen Tilney Shane looks at ways to limit any potentially negative environmental impact the workplace design process could have. This encompasses carbon emissions, pollution, resources and waste.

Interiors is a specialism.


Sustainable interiors is even more specialist and constantly evolving.


Our care for the environment is embraced by all members of the team and reflected in where we work, how we work and most importantly, our clients’ needs.

Whether we are working on a new-build project when we typically follow on from architects, or a refurbishment when we revive existing workplaces, what stays constant is our ethical and responsible approach to our clients and the environment.

Triodos Bank View Project
We promote the use of products and services of suppliers whose environmental policies are in accordance with our own.

Stephanie BlandfordSustainability Champion and Interior Designer, Harmsen Tilney Shane

Stephanie Blandford

What we are doing.


As part of our commitment to reducing our impact, we regularly review and improve how we deliver our services.


Our Sustainability Champion, Stephanie Blandford monitors our environmental performance, making sure that the way we work and how we design our clients’ workplaces is in line with our sustainability protocols and environmental standards.

Stephanie leads our internal ‘Green Team’, where specific aspects of sustainability are discussed and addressed. This takes into account wellbeing, trends in ways of working and the influence of new technology on work patterns.

Our champions also communicate the environment policy to the rest of the business and keep us up to date on new developments by holding regular ‘Sustainability Lunches’, to encourage everyone to share thoughts and contribute to the business’ annual action plan. Alongside this, new developments are regularly shared in the form of ‘Sustainability Bites’ emails and other forms of communication to the entire business.

Measuring our carbon output in-house enables us to record our data monthly and report to the rest of the business through quarterly newsletters as part of a structured programme to improve our environmental performance.

Carbon Reporting.

At Harmsen Tilney Shane, we are proud to be ambassadors of sustainable design for our clients, but our personal footprint is equally important to us. We continue to look at ways to reduce our impact on the environment.

Recognition & Accreditation.

Our understanding and commitment to the environment has developed organically.


By aligning ourselves with many professional bodies, we are measuring our carbon output and both setting and exceeding annual reduction targets, as part of a structured programme to improve our environmental performance.

Our commitment hasn’t gone unrecognised. At the Go Green Awards, we won an award for ‘Best Newcomer – Planning & Resilience’. We are all very proud to have been acknowledged for our determination and commitment to becoming more sustainable as a team and as an organisation.


Environmental Management.

Our ISO14001 certification has provided us with an effective management system that sets auditable targets as a business and as individuals.



SKA Rated.

SKA rating is an environmental assessment tool for sustainable fit-outs. Our Assessors look at the key sustainability issues relating to a fit-out and rate a project on how well it performs against key issues.


Go Green Award.

Go Green has been a simple and effective way of focusing our attentions. After all our hard work, we were delighted to be awarded ‘Best Newcomer – Planning & Resilience’.

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