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Triodos Bank is a global pioneer of sustainable banking and its workplace reflects this.


Triodos Bank describes its mission as “to make money work for positive social, environmental and cultural change” and wanted an office environment to reflect this.

The heart of the brief for the design of Triodos Bank’s new headquarters was sustainability and a requirement for the ethical sourcing of materials and products.


Sector: Financial
Size: 30,500 sq ft
Place: Bristol
People: 150
Capabilities: Research, Consultancy, Design, Manage, Furniture
Outcomes: Multi-functional workplace is a strong reflection of Triodos Bank's sustainable ethos, whilst increasing co-worker engagement and supporting new ways of working


Harmsen Tilney Shane’s solution creates an individual and eclectic design which acts as a showcase for the bank’s client community.

The reception space is individual and welcoming, with an eclectic mix of furniture. A living wall brings the “outdoors in” and connects to the environment. Co-worker engagement is evident throughout the space, from the hand-woven, recycled material in the “T-shirt chair” to hand-made cushions in the lounge area.

The work areas have been designed to be multi-functional, with provision for comfortable informal meeting areas, a co-worker café, flexible meeting area, as well as more formal meeting rooms. The business lounge provides an appropriate setting to breakout from the meeting room suite. The success of this floor has been central to the transition to new ways of working.

The new office is an ideal home for Triodos Bank, reflecting our ethos and meeting the same rigourous sustainability standards as we expect from the organisations we finance. A new central Bristol location will increase our visibility in this green city, while giving us the space to grow to meet increasing demand.

Charles Middleton
Managing Director, Triodos Bank

Our client's thoughts


The unique design and space plan of an unconventional floorplate creates interesting spaces to maximise the unusual building features. The sourcing of sustainable products and materials was adhered to at every level of the project. The building has a BREEAM Excellent environment rating.

Co-worker engagement and morale has substantially increased, as well as communications and the adoption of new ways of working. The bank is now seen as one of Bristol’s foremost employers.

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