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The project combined a complex, partially listed building with a demanding brief.


The move from a cramped and outdated townhouse in Princes Gate to 30 Euston Square has involved an enormous amount of change for the Royal College of General Practitioners.

One of London’s first custom-built office buildings, constructed in two phases, the building is part masonry from 1906-8 and part steel-framed from the 1930s.


Sector: Medical
Size: 120,000 sq ft
Place: London
People: n/a
Capabilities: Consultancy, Design, Manage
Outcomes: The design reflects the College’s heritage & forward thinking attitude


Trustees’ and members’ needs had to be accommodated within a design that respected the prestige and standing of the largest medical Royal College, whilst signalling its ambition to be a future-looking organisation.

The design has combined the preservation of original features, such as a mosaic floor in the main entrance and faience tiles, with modern interventions such as the removal of a section of the ground floor to create an auditorium and the creation of two new atria from existing light wells.

The greatest skill of Harmsen Tilney Shane was getting under the skin of the College and really shaking out what the organisation really needed. The project has been a fantastic success. The change in culture has been remarkably well managed and the College has already moved on enormously. Harmsen Tilney Shane has been central to effecting a change in culture among a really diverse group of people through a combination of innovative thinking and solid research.

Colin Hunter
Project Sponsor, Royal College of General Practitioners

Our client's thoughts


The move to new premises at 30 Euston Square has enabled the Royal College of GPs to
bring a number of functions in-house, whilst providing staff with excellent facilities and
working environment.

Open plan office space and a range of formal and informal meeting areas have been incorporated as well as a gym, café and 41 study bedrooms.

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