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The headquarters provides a working community, supporting team flexibility and easy communication.


We were appointed to advised on the acquisition of a new property to consolidate staff from Newport, Swindon and Maidenhead.

By consolidating three offices into a UK headquarters, Alcatel-Lucent (Nokia) required a space that people enjoy working in; that enthuses, reinvigorates and re-energises the culture of this global business.

Key parts of the design brief and rationale stemmed from the workplace research conducted across the business. The Activity Support Questionnaire underlined concerns with both the quality and efficiency of people’s existing work environments, as well as the need for more outward-facing work settings, such as drop-in and break-out facilities.


Sector: Technology
Size: 39,000 sq ft
Place: Bristol
People: 250
Capabilities: Research, Consultancy, Design, Furniture, Manage
Outcomes: Reduction in space requirement, Supportive, and agile workplace


The design seamlessly combines a technology-focused environment with a natural palette and neutral finishes to keep the space light and open and maximise the impact of natural light.

Activity-based work settings now abound in Alcatel-Lucent’s new space, providing huddle spaces for larger groups to brainstorm, spaces for quiet working and localised facility points. In addition to the flexible desking layouts, small breakout spaces support informal meetings. The agile work environment supplements the move towards remote working; nobody has their own desk, other than a few key people and support staff who will be in the office every day.

The café acts as a central hub for the workforce; a space to meet and collaborate, as well as an area for “Town Hall” meetings that bring the whole team together. The café design deliberately carries a look and feel that is different from the open plan office space.

Harmsen Tilney Shane’s research and strategic approach provided us with a clear vision of our future needs and supported the business case to realise our objective. The team had a focused approach to getting the job done. Team work and team chemistry were crucial and they facilitated this in a complex and challenging project environment. Our UK headquarters captures our values, delivers a high quality, high performing and professional operational environment that brings our staff together in an integrated and cohesive way.

Alan Davies
Corporate Real Estate Services, Asset Management, UK&I, Nokia

Our client's thoughts


The headquarters provides a working community, supporting team flexibility and easy communication.

The new environment creates a sense of belonging, creating a base where people can touch-in, both with their colleagues and the Alcatel-Lucent values and brand. Meanwhile, the Client Business Centre’s promotional and demonstration areas enable the business to showcase its products and services to the highest standard.

Space Utilisation Survey
Workplace Research

Activity Support Questionnaire
Workplace Research

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