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Nexen’s new workplace provides a high quality environment reflective of the company’s brand values.


The move into their new office was the culmination of a process of close collaboration with the company through the entire process of moving – from first conversation to handover of the finished project. This relationship was key to developing an understanding of the firm’s operational requirements, as well as how it wished to project itself through its offices.


Sector: Utilities
Size: 86,000 sq ft
Place: Uxbridge
Capabilities: Research, Consultancy, Design, Manage, Furniture
Outcomes: Improved space utilisation, whilst the workplace supports critical adjacencies, and facilitates a collegiate way of working


Developing the brief involved a high level of consultation with staff. Harmsen Tilney Shane undertook the strategic brief for the project and assisted in the selection of the building.

We worked closely with client representatives and the project team to design and realise an environment that is sustainable and energy efficient and that meets individual, departmental, and corporate needs in respect of both collaborative and “heads down” working.

The design focuses on high quality and provides the flexibility for individual teams to configure their areas in different ways according to needs. A strong graphic device was devised, inspired by the molecular structure of plants and oil, which is applied in various ways throughout the space, bringing a consistent look and feel.

A hierarchy of bookable and non-bookable rooms and spaces compliment the small cellular ‘personal units’ and adjustable and flexible workstations utilised by staff to create a dynamic and responsive workplace.


Occupying an entire building for the first time has provided the opportunity for Nexen to make a statement about its global standing and core values.

Nexen’s UK headquarters is now a strong reflection of the company’s brand and ethos, reinforced by a high performing work environment that supports the individual needs of its employees, alongside a considerable reduction in space requirement.

Space Utilisation Survey
Workplace Research

Space Utilisation Survey
Workplace Research

Space Utilisation Survey
Workplace Research

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