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‘Sense of Place’ became a key part of our remit to differentiate the customer experience at Bristol Airport.


Harmsen Tilney Shane has become the custodian of design consistency across the many and diverse projects currently ongoing and planned for the future at Bristol Airport.

We looked at a huge range of influences that help define the South West, distilled down into a palette of core elements, finishes, colours and textures that represent the essence of the airport’s locale.

We are looking at all new projects from the customer’s point of view while understanding the constraints, both commercial and practical, that the operators must consider.


Sector: Aviation
Size: 145,000 sq ft
Place: Bristol
People: n/a
Capabilities: Consultancy, Design, Furniture
Outcomes: Custodians of design consistency, creating a ‘Sense of Place’ in key areas, and improving overall customer experience


Recognising that an airport can be a stressful environment, and the relaxing effect that our connection with nature engenders, we have brought more of the outside in to help calm customers and soften the architecture.

The completed East Terminal extension includes an enlarged departure lounge, increased retail and leisure facilities and a roof terrace. The West Terminal extension is the largest at the airport since 2010 and will feature an extended baggage reclaim area, customs facilities, shops for arrival passengers and a meet-and-greet area.

The design features state-of-the-art technology aimed at streamlining the security process, solving the issue of bottlenecks at peak times. We have also developed the design of a premium Fast-Track zone to speed passengers through security in comfort.

With the help of Harmsen Tilney Shane, we are confident our passengers will be wowed by this new extension and the space, comfort and wider choice it provides. This development is a significant step towards achieving our vision to provide passengers with a world-class customer experience when flying in and out of their local airport.

Robert Sinclair
Chief Executive Officer, Bristol Airport

Our client's thoughts


Working closely with the airport’s architect and client team, we have developed a clearer, more minimal wayfinding system which will speed up and improve the customer experience when navigating through the necessary security checks and throughout the development.

In addition, we have been involved in the detailing and implementation of key areas of the space, including the procurement of a new style of furniture that is aimed at setting a new language for the varying needs within the space.

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