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The Science of Workplace Design.™

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Like our clients, we recognise and understand above all else that environmental management and quality assurance deserve our attention.


Our consultancy service and design process is embedded into our ISO-approved and monitored management approach, both in terms of quality management (9001) and sustainability management (14001). This has provided us with an effective management system that sets auditable targets as a business and as individuals.

We acknowledge that many of our clients have a detailed and thorough approach and process to quality, health and safety, and environmental management.

We actively collaborate with our clients and look to comply with systems and processes, and to encourage dialogue and information-sharing to achieve best practice.

  • Recognition.

  • 2016

  • British Council for Offices Award

    Shortlisted: Bristol Water, Bristol

  • South West Insider Award

    Shortlisted: Bristol Water, Bristol

  • Go Green, Best Newcomer Award

    Winner: Harmsen Tilney Shane

  • 2015

  • Thames Valley Property Award

    Shortlisted: Charles Russell Speechlys, Guildford

  • 2014

  • British Council for Offices Award

    Shortlisted: Royal College of General Practitioners, London

  • Camden Design, The Heritage Award

    Shortlisted: Royal College of General Practitioners, London

  • 2013

  • British Council for Offices Award, Regional

    Winner: Triodos Bank, Bristol

  • British Council for Offices Award, National

    Shortlisted: Triodos Bank, Bristol

  • 2012

  • British Council for Offices Award, Regional

    Winner: Environment Agency, Bristol

  • South West Insider Award

    Winner: Triodos Bank, Bristol

Accreditations and associations.


Quality management.

We recognise the value of a ‘quality culture’, derived from effective leadership and a commitment to sound business principles, in bringing about continuous improvement and ongoing customer satisfaction.

Harmsen Tilney Shane also places importance on the development of the necessary competencies in all staff to enable them to carry out their work with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

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Environmental management.

Interiors is a specialism. Sustainable interiors is even more specialist and constantly evolving. Working closely with clients such as the Environment Agency and Triodos Bank has honed our ability to design sustainable and inspiring environments.

Our care for the environment is embraced by all members of the team and reflected in where we work, how we work and most importantly, our clients’ needs.

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SKA rated.

SKA Rating is an environmental assessment tool for sustainable fit-outs. Our Assessors look at the key sustainability issues relating to a fit-out and rate a project on how well it performs against key issues.

SKA Offices is used on fit-out projects large and small, both refurbishment and new build, and it scores environmental good practice irrespective of the base building.

Project teams interested in fitting out spaces in an environmentally sustainable way can take advantage of our SKA accredited assessors.

They provide clear guidance on good practice in fit-out and how to implement it, alongside benchmarking the performance of fit-outs against the rest of the industry.

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Our credentials.


To understand more about our award-winning approach to workplace design, our experience and our bespoke workplace consultancy services, please request a copy of our credentials.

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