The Science of Workplace Design.™
The Science of Workplace Design.™

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Over the last 30 years the workplace changed significantly.


Successful organisations never stand still and neither do the work environments that support them. Throughout the last three decades, the specifics of our approach may have changed and evolved, but we attribute our longevity to the fact that we’ve always stayed true to our core principle: putting people at the heart of the workplace.

We’ve worked with clients across a breadth of industries throughout the UK. We know that every project we undertake is unique, because every organisation has its own drivers, concerns and vision of success. Our evidence-based approach ensures that we deliver real business value, not one-size-fits-all.

Our approach

Workplace research and insight are the driving force behind all our projects.


Evidence and data are the starting point for every project we embark on. By getting under the skin of each client’s business goals and the people, processes, places and technologies they utilise to achieve them, we build up a detailed picture of the organisation, which informs a finely tuned workplace strategy to drive the organisation forward.

This research-based methodology informs every aspect of our offering, which includes the full spectrum of workplace services, from developing your property strategy, to workplace strategy and design, workplace performance management, change management, workplace technology and furniture consulting and project delivery.

Our commitment to quantifiable results is the reason our clients keep coming back as their organisation grows and evolves.

Every project brings a new challenge.

We’re proud that our client list covers a wide range of industries, business types and sizes. Each sector comes with its own challenges and each of those challenges is an opportunity for us to learn and to add new strings to our bow.

With every project, we add to our ever-growing body of workplace research data and insight, which gives us an unparalleled resource to benchmark, study and improve the way we work with businesses such as yours.

With over 38,000 surveys conducted in the last 5 years alone, our workplace data library is unmatched in the industry and the foundation that enables us to continually refine and perfect our workplace strategy methodology with every new project we take on.

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Our projects.

Our commitment to delivering real business value over the long term has enabled us to build lasting relationships with our clients, helping them to grow and develop over the years.


Our assurances.

Our evidence-based approach is also award-winning. We recognise the importance of quality, and environmental management and are working hard to continually improve as an organisation.


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