The Science of Workplace Design.™
The Science of Workplace Design.™

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We design inspirational and business-effective places that people love to use.


Building on this organisational and workplace strategy, we design innovative solutions for the future of your workplace.


This approach is multi-faceted. When evaluating the performance of your work environments, we take into consideration a multitude of impact areas: culture and brand, technology adoption, organisational change management, workplace productivity and business innovation, the way people collaborate, communicate and work, employee wellbeing and the organisation’s current and future agility.

As consultants, we work with you throughout the whole journey, ensuring that the various stages of work meet with our client’s expectations and that opportunities to communicate with the wider organisation are maximised.

Our commitment to the duration of the project ensures a seamless delivery, providing the connection between our client and professional teams.

At Harmsen Tilney Shane, we employ the Science of Workplace Design to inspire, engage and transform your organisation.


In order for the workplace to support an ever-changing commercial and service environment, it must be flexible and adaptable.

As your trusted advisors, we build long-term relationships based on the understanding that designing for change is an essential part of our working life.

Our clients recognise that any change is based on a true understanding of what needs to be done; that the change connects with their goals, their culture, their people and their purpose.

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Understand our evidence-based approach to designing workplaces that both inspire and perform.


Workplace research.

By measuring the performance of your workplace and people, we are able to harness this data to create workplaces that support your organisation.


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