The Science of Workplace Design.™
The Science of Workplace Design.™

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About Us

Harmsen Tilney Shane is one of the UK’s leading commercial interior design and workplace consultancies.


Over the last 30 years, Harmsen Tilney Shane has worked across a wide range of sectors and uses a comprehensive end-to-end approach, spanning research, staff engagement, workplace analysis and interior design, to help our clients drive business performance through organisational change.

We are an independent practice with offices in London, Bristol and Manchester, managed by an experienced board of Directors, all respected figures in the industry.

The leadership of the firm prides itself on its high level of involvement with clients and is supported by a creative and committed team.

What we do.

Our Approach

The Science of Workplace Design.


We help our clients solve complex, strategic, workplace problems through effective research and evidence-based design. Our interiors are beautifully designed places that support and reflect our clients’ values and goals.

The workplace is inextricably linked to the way an organisation performs. Using proven research tools, our approach puts your people at the heart of the process.

This methodology allows our specialist consultants to gather systemic knowledge, an understanding of your people, places, processes and culture; the formula to build your future workplace strategy. Building on this organisational and workplace strategy, we design innovative, evidence-based solutions for the future of your workplace.

As your trusted advisors, we are your single point of contact. We build long-term relationships based on the understanding that designing for change is an essential part of our working life.

We commit to the duration of the project. We ensure a seamless delivery by providing the connection between our client and professional teams.


At Harmsen Tilney Shane we employ the Science of Workplace Design to inspire, engage and transform your organisation.

Our history.

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For over three decades, we have been investigating the links between the performance of buildings and the performance of the people who use them.



Established in 1995, Harmsen has provided workplace research and interior design consultancy for a wide range of sectors.

Harmsen’s success was built on the mutual understanding with its clients that successful and high performing workplaces begin with the people that use them.

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Tilney Shane.

Tilney Shane was created in 1979, and has since gained an enviable reputation as an ambitious, driven, creative, leading independent design practice.

Tilney Shane were appointed as lead designers for many well-known and reputable brands including Unilever, Cadbury, British Airways, IBM and John Lewis.

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Harmsen Tilney Shane.

In 2012, Harmsen acquired the successful design practice Tilney Shane. The alliance provided the opportunity to consolidate the expertise and success of both companies and create dynamic, responsive workplace and interior environments for clients throughout the United Kingdom.

Both practices have a shared ethos and approach, developed over more than 30 years. This combines a focus on evidence-based design, enabling designers to create workspaces which fit the client’s work patterns and facilitate more effective working methods. This concept of design efficiency remains at the heart of Harmsen Tilney Shane, delivering innovative environments that have clear cost benefits for clients.

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Transforming organisations around people.

Professional integrity and our sustainable design principles.

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