The Science of Workplace Design.™
The Science of Workplace Design.™

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Workplace technology consulting.


Technology is influencing and evolving how we work, and where we work.


As generations become more adept with technology and advance within and into the workplace, they bring a desire to have a greater variety of ways to work.

We help our clients manage and take advantage of new workplace technology to drive both cultural and behavioural change that delivers improved business performance.

Organisations are now under pressure not only to reduce costs and improve efficiency, but also to attract, retain and inspire a workforce with increasingly diverse needs and expectations.

At Harmsen Tilney Shane we design and integrate working environments with the appropriate technology that supports communication and collaboration. Our workplace consultants are highly experienced and consider the entire collaboration workplace lifecycle.

Our approach ensures you achieve real, quantifiable business benefits in both the short term and the long term.

Our approach.


Our approach ensures you achieve real, quantifiable business benefits in both the short term and the long term. We bring together space and technology flexibly to streamline business processes, reduce costs and provide more choices to your people to work when, where and how is best suited to each task and individual.

Our consultants consider your entire technology life cycle when designing and implementing effective technology solutions.


Our approach puts the user at the heart of the technology design process.

Investing in the spaces where collaboration technology is used is as important as the technology itself.


Technology strategy.


Our consulting services enable you to understand which technologies are right for your organisation. We design a solution that is closely aligned to your organisational strategy and goals.


Technology audit.

We understand that modern organisations are complex, which is why we look at every aspect of your organisation, from culture to business processes, from the technology you deploy, to the new working practices and the different work settings.

As part of your workplace strategy we consider the entire lifecycle of the working environment. This ensures that the solutions and programmes we deliver work for your people immediately and over the long term.

Technology visioning.

With any project, we explore what success looks like for our client’s future workplace. We identify your organisation’s existing technology and processes that support the way you work. With this understanding we then investigate, explore and propose new and future technologies that can support your people and workplace’s performance.


Technology requirement.

Not only do we consider how the physical work environment needs to be designed to foster improved communication and collaboration, we also look at the best-in-class technologies to bring business-critical people together, irrespective of location.


Technology alignments.

The best user experience can only be achieved when the physical and virtual environments are carefully integrated. Failing to do so can compromise the effectiveness of the technology and hinder user adoption of it.


We design work environments to help people to connect, collaborate and communicate.


Technology needs to support your people throughout the workplace’s life-cycle, whilst aligning to the organisation’s overall objectives.

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Technology adoption.

Successful technology adoption is challenging, which is why our clients value our expertise so highly.


Our workplace consultants evaluate your existing systems and processes, and create a bespoke adoption programme which matches the specific needs of your people and embeds cultural and behavioural change across your organisation.

Delivery of new technologies is only the beginning if they are to be relied upon for successful communication and collaboration. To realise their full potential and worth, your people need to be included on the journey. The technology’s proven application should be demonstrated, alongside typical awareness campaigns. By focussing on how the technology can support end-users in achieving their goals and overcoming challenges, you can improve both performance and adoption.


User adoption is more than just creating awareness of the benefits; it’s about changing behaviours.


Putting your people at the heart of the strategy is critical to drive and accelerate acceptance of the collaboration technology. The greater challenges lie in motivating your employees to adopt new ways of communicating and working collaboratively.

Training and empowerment.

We understand that organisations need to see immediate returns on their investment and our training services are focused on delivering that in a quantifiable and unproblematic way.

We utilise a practical, hands-on methodology that encourages end-users to learn and practise new skills within a real work environment. Our approach is robust, proven and highly effective, ensuring that by the end of the programme your staff are fully equipped with the skills, knowledge and confidence they need, regardless of their prior level of experience.

By evolving the behaviour of your teams and opening up new ways of working, our specialist training will transform your organisation, delivering real business benefits immediately.

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Our knowledge.


Workplace technology credentials.


Creating future-ready work environments successfully requires a robust approach in order to deliver real business value, rather than change for its own sake.


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