The Science of Workplace Design.™
The Science of Workplace Design.™

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Our approach and research methodology.


Armed with knowledge, we align organisation strategy with workplace strategy.


Our approach is multi-faceted when evaluating the performance of work environments. We take into consideration a multitude of impact areas; culture and brand, technology adoption, organisational change management, level of workplace productivity and business innovation, the way people collaborate, communicate and work, employee wellbeing and the organisation’s current and future agility.

But we are not theorists – we see projects through. Each pass of the baton between our strategists, designers, technicians and project delivery specialists is underpinned by the robust brief developed during the research phase of the project.

The importance of workplace research.


Workplace research provides an underlying depth of support for strategic and tactical decisions throughout a workplace change project.

The data we collect throughout our various research engagements provides your organisation with unique tangible evidence, both qualitative and quantitative, enabling appropriate, evidence-based decisions to be made with an in-depth look into your existing situation.

The data collected identifies new and existing opportunities to bring about positive change within an organisation, supporting your business case, and investments, in a future high performance workplace.

Whilst strategic briefing and interviews play an important role in identifying the key drivers for your project, it’s important to acknowledge an organisation’s most important asset, its people.

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Reporting back to the business ensures continuity and clear communication throughout.


Information captured throughout the data gathering process is reported back to the organisation at various levels, ensuring the information received is relevant and timely to its audience.

By implementing a clear communication programme your people are onboarded throughout and build an understanding of the future workplace.

Clear communication throughout your workplace transformation project supports user adoption and onboarding. By reinforcing the importance of your people’s engagement and the strategic decisions you have made as a result, you will foster a positive attitude from your people towards their new workplace.


Workplace research is pivotal to engaging with your people.


Inviting your people to join the journey from the outset considerably increases the likelihood of a successful workplace transformation, whilst optimising the potential performance of your future workplace.

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Research-based design outcomes.


Our beautifully design environments are the outer skin to what is a complex, evidence-based approach to problem solving.


Our designs are influenced through the understanding of your people and organisation. We interpret the information and data our clients share and contribute to throughout the entire process.

By measuring the performance of the workplace, occupancy levels, storage efficiency, how you work, where you work and how this supports your work; our research-based design outcomes are tailored to you and your organisational needs.

The result is a property and workplace strategy that influences the design of a working environment. Our design outcomes are suitable for your organisation’s current situation, whilst being flexible for future growth or strategic events.

Frequently asked questions.

Get in touch

We have included answers to the questions our clients commonly ask us. If we have missed anything, please get in touch and one of our consultants will be able to help.


What are the costs?

Per-head pricing ensures our research costs are pegged to the size of your business, bringing big business data analysis to small and medium-sized enterprises.


What can I expect?

We ensure you are in control and fully aware at all stages. Real-time data gathering helps us keep you informed during our research process. A comprehensive and aligned report is tailored to your business needs. Our approach must fit around your specific business, your staff, and your property.


How long does it take?

We can set up, run, and report an Activity Support Questionnaire in around three weeks; a Space Use Study takes around four weeks. Research and engagement activities can run in parallel to deliver a strategic property brief in the shortest time.


Is this approach suitable for my organisation?

Any business with office-based staff can benefit from our approach to worker engagement and property alignment. We have also used our tools to help educational and institutional organisations better align their property to the needs of their customers.


Is my business too large or small for this methodology?

We have employed our research tools and methods for organisations from 25 employees to over 19,000.


When should I get in touch?

Whether your lease break, merger/acquisition or strategic restructuring is in 6 months or 3 years, time is valuable and allows correct and sustainable business decisions to be made.


Workplace research report.


This report is a summary of our research findings during 2016. Each year we collate our workplace research information to benchmark and report on the current workplace, whilst highlighting future workplace trends.

If you are embarking on significant change in your organisation or are considering a new workplace strategy with the aim to create a high performance workplace, our aim is to provide you with a rich and robust source of workplace insight.

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