The Science of Workplace Design.™
The Science of Workplace Design.™

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We think differently.


Our collaborative, consultative approach puts people at the heart of the process.


We understand that a great workplace actively promotes innovation, brings greater effectiveness and supports positive behaviours.

For over three decades we have been investigating the links between the performance of buildings and the performance of the people who use them. During this time we have been developing our own methodologies and research tools to help businesses better align their property to their business needs.

In the last 3 years alone, we have gathered and analysed over 38,000 responses and surveyed over 20,000 work settings across a broad range of sectors, providing us with unique benchmarking data into the workplace.

Understand more about our research methodology and tools below.

Our data.

The percentage of our clients that have used and benefited from our workplace research.

Our data.

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Online engagement surveys conducted over the last 3 years.

Workplace research.


Our research measures workplace effectiveness and how it supports people’s performance.


Our recommendations form the basis of our evidence-based approach to workplace design. This collaborative approach to realigning your workplace maximises organisational productivity and performance.

The workplace research and benchmarked data provides clients with the facts to make more informed decisions on the use of their property and space, along with the type and quantity of worksettings needed within their workplace to adequately support their people now and in the future. The evidenced-based platform to which inspiring and creative designs emerge.

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Our data.

Of storage surveyed during 2016 was empty.

Our data.

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The quantity of empty storage capacity in linear meterage surveyed during 2016.

Research methods and tools.


We use our proven research tools to understand every aspect of your organisation, your strategic objectives and how your space supports those objectives.


If you are embarking on significant change in your organisation or are considering a new workplace strategy with the aim to create a high performance workplace, our aim is to provide you with a rich and robust source of insight into your workplace and people, combined with access to our database of benchmarked data.

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Power of data.

A breadth of expertise makes us different.


Our approach is supported by over three decades of UK-wide benchmark data covering organisations of all sizes across a breadth of industries. We know that any solution only works if it works for the people who use it on a day-to-day basis, which is why our people-centred approach is the core value from which everything else flows.


*All sector SI Score (2016).

0 SI

The SI is calculated by collecting the gap data between the importance and performance of a number of key workplace activities.

Concentration/ Quiet working.

One of the top 5 most important issues in 92% of surveys in 2016 and appears in top 5 least supported issues in 63% of surveys.

Support Index benchmark.


Our Support Index (SI) is a national rating based on aggregated data.


The data is gathered from over 32,000 surveys undertaken in the period up to November 2016*. It quantifies and tracks the trends to see how well UK workers are supported by their workplace. To date we have completed 38,000 online engagement surveys.

Our database and experience enables you to place your organisation in a wider context, identifying areas with the greatest opportunity to innovate the way you work alongside ensuring your organisation is future-ready. By tracking what workers believe is important to their function needs we can focus our attention on delivering the most appropriate targeted support.



Workplace research report.


This report is a summary of our research findings during 2016.

Each year we collate our workplace research information to benchmark and report on the current workplace, whilst highlighting future workplace trends.

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