The Science of Workplace Design.™
The Science of Workplace Design.™

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Evidence-based workplace design.


We design inspiring environments for those organisations that see the workplace as a key investment in their business, people, culture, and brand.

Our consultative approach to design enables us to provide environments that make the most efficient use of the space available. This takes into account all of the issues that affect your workplace, such as staff interaction, new working practices, expansion or restructuring, property costs and changes in technology.

Our design consultants attentively focus on the end-user. By understanding what your people and organisation require from the work environment, we create workplaces that motivate and inspire, whilst improving the performance of your business.


Our design and creative process is driven by our motivation to inspire.


That is what we are really all about. Not desks or storage or sofas or walls. Finding out what people need and what they want from their workplace. How we can make it better and how we can engage them in transforming their organisation for the future. Making their jobs better facilitated and their working hours more productive and enjoyable.


Design brief.


Our design consultants begin by consulting your people on their existing space, what they need from a workplace and how their existing workplace currently supports them from day to day.


Our team is familiar with board-level briefings and enjoys testing assumptions and challenging the status quo. By consulting with various stakeholder groups, our consultants and design team build an understanding of aspirations, business drivers and culture, the beginning of a robust brief.

We undertake feasibility studies that provide auditable data which we benchmark against. With this information, our space budgets create an ‘ideal workplace’ and building profile. We explore ‘what if’ scenarios assisted by Engagement Surveys, Space Utilisation Studies, and Storage and Information Audits. This enables our clients to understand the impact of different headcount projections, growth requirements, space consolidation and the ratios of different worksettings.

This huge improvement in communication is beneficial to the business and wouldn’t have come about without the clever design of the new workspace.

David LewendonChief Operating Officer, Haysmacintyre


Interior design.


Beautiful functionality is our aim.


The ‘look and feel’ is the user and visitor’s first experience of your workplace. However it’s lustre will quickly tarnish if it’s beauty is only skin deep.

We base our designs around the output and tenets of any workplace research that has been undertaken. We establish planning principles based on these, and apply them, taking into account the physical opportunities and constraints of your particular floorplate.

We will look to align facilities with users and to manipulate your space to provide an environment where there are intuitive and instinctive opportunities for people to do what they need to do without being compromised or constrained by their environment.


And we aim to make it look beautiful. To create a place which people can enthuse over and want and are proud, to come and work in.

Le bon Dieu est dans le détail.

Gustave Flaubert1821–1880

Detail design.


This is where your project begins to come to life.


Considered and co-ordinated details are essential to accurate pricing and construction.

Material interfaces and connections are as important as the materials themselves in reflecting the values and identity of your organization. Expensive materials badly detailed will have less impact than crisply detailed cheaper finishes. This is where experience counts.

Leading the design, liaising with and managing all the various design disciplines to ensure the seamless integration of services and technology is key to ensuring accurate tenders and ultimately a successful project.

Our project designers and technicians are all trained and experienced. They come in a variety of vintages and there is always someone who has done ‘that’ before for others to refer to.

Bristol Airport - Visualisation
Harmsen Tilney Shane had a focused approach to getting the job done. Teamwork and team chemistry was crucial and they facilitated this in a complex and challenging project environment.

Alan DaviesCorporate Real Estate Services – UK&I, Nokia

Design delivery.


The best considered design in the world counts for nothing if it is not brought to reality with the same care and attention to detail that went into its formulation.


Construction is, necessarily, a team activity and successfully realised projects have a collaborative and open approach at their heart.

Large projects require multi-disciplinary professional teams including dedicated project managers, service and structural consultants, quantity surveyors and others in addition to an experienced contractor capable of managing the work involved. We work proactively with other disciplines and relish the challenge of bringing our client’s projects to life.

We are dogged in safeguarding the design principles of our client’s agreed scheme, whilst at the same time adopting a pragmatic approach to collectively seeking better, quicker and cheaper ways to achieve this.

On smaller projects we have the necessary experience, where required, to undertake a range of additional professional duties ourselves including cost planning, advising on procurement routes and contractor selection, contract administration and general project management.

We regard design delivery as a key stage in our client’s journey with us. It is led by directors with decades of experience working with contacts and connections across all sectors of the design and construction industries.

Fieldfisher - Visualisation

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