The Science of Workplace Design.™
The Science of Workplace Design.™

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Design is a problem-solving exercise.


Our creative thinking is informed by previous experiences, gained knowledge and an insatiable curiosity.


Our collaborative approach helps us develop new and innovative outcomes with the checks and balances that true and trusting group work delivers. We challenge our clients to seize more from their workplace transformation.

Behind every successful project is our well-established team of skilled professionals: designers, architects, technicians and project delivery specialists who work in the background to develop and realise projects. Our creative team produce thought-provoking, visionary and inspiring workplace design solutions.

Problem solving.

Successful workplace design not only reflects an organisation’s ethos, brand and culture but supports it in achieving its objectives by providing an environment that is immersive, high performing and fit for purpose.

Below we have illustrated examples of effective, evidence-based workplace design.

Triodos Bank
Royal College of General Practitioners
39 Essex Chambers


To provide an in-house 300-seat meeting facility as part of the refurbishment and fit-out of a 100-year-old listed building; deal with acoustic and vibration issues arising from adjacency to a main cross-London traffic artery (A40) and London Underground lines immediately beneath the building.

Visual, Auditorium
Sketch, Auditorium

Royal College of General Practitioners, Auditorium.

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Identified the most structurally and spatially advantageous whilst least historically disruptive location in the building. Designed a ‘floating box’ structure to isolate the auditorium from external noise and vibration. Highly engineered acoustic treatments within the decorative fabric and fittings of the space.

CAD Drawings, Auditorium
Result, Auditorium

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Visual, Skylight Filter


To create a focal point in the departure lounge under an existing skylight that will filter light but still allow access for maintenance.

Sketch, Skylight Filter

Bristol Airport's, Skylight Filter.

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A 15-metre-long bespoke woven timber ‘nest’. Designed by CAD and developed with local craftspeople and engineers. A simple form that belies the engineering complexity in creating a self-supporting lightweight structure.

CAD Drawings, Skylight Filter
Result, Skylight Filter

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Design consultancy.

Just like an engineer or scientist, we follow a systematic process to ensure the most successful outcomes for our clients.


Brand alignment.

By reflecting your brand through workplace design, we represent your vision in the physical space.

Andrew Bartlett, Client Director

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