The Science of Workplace Design.™
The Science of Workplace Design.™

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A wealth of understanding and ability that our clients really come to appreciate.


Each project is unique, and because of this, for over 30 years we have broadened our consulting services to be your single point of advice and support for the duration of project. It is this wealth of understanding and ability that our clients really come to appreciate.

Our additional consulting services are featured below.

Technology consulting.


Our consulting services enable you to understand which technologies are right for your organisation. We design a solution that is closely aligned to your organisational strategy and goals.

Our approach puts the user at the heart of the technology design process. Creating future-ready work environments successfully requires a robust approach in order to deliver real business value, rather than change for its own sake.

Our expertise extends beyond the technology itself, taking a holistic approach to embedding it successfully into our clients’ organisations.


Workplace financial services consulting.


Our bespoke asset finance solutions enable you to unlock new ways of financing your workplace project, to deliver a high performance work environment that’s not restricted by budget.


Workplace wellbeing consulting.


An engaged, healthy, fulfilled and supported workforce is a more productive workforce.

By helping you to define your key wellbeing goals and to understand how these contribute to your wider organisational goals, our wellbeing consulting service delivers a workplace that is better aligned to your workers and the tasks they undertake.


Sustainability consulting.


Our interactive approach enables the creation of a bespoke sustainability profile, allowing us to fully understand key sustainability goals and deliver a workplace that meets these.

Through our sustainability workshops we explore six key design-related issues to determine an organisation’s sustainability drivers.

We offer support in achieving sustainably certification, and meeting government legislation and recommendations.

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Workplace safety consulting.


Health and safety at work is the foundation of every comprehensive staff wellbeing policy. Making sure your workplace meets and exceeds standards of support for all staff members is not just about meeting your legal requirements; it’s also sound business sense to provide a workplace environment that helps people to perform at their best.

As holders of the ISO9001 quality management and ISO14001 environmental management certification, we ensure that every workplace we design and deliver adheres to the highest standards of quality assurance, health and safety and environment.

Furthermore, our Health & Safety Compliance Consulting services mean we can audit your existing environment, identifying any areas where improvements would be beneficial to your business, as well as closing the gap on any mandatory requirements.


Furniture consulting.


Our in-house experts are able to independently source the most appropriate and best value furniture, fixtures and equipment. Our experience and creative curiosity leads us to continually seek out new, innovative, sustainable and ergonomic furniture solutions that enhance your workplace user-experience.


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