The Science of Workplace Design.™
The Science of Workplace Design.™

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Our collaborative, consultative approach puts your people at the heart of the process.


We begin every project by investigating our clients’ wider business goals. We use our proven research tools to understand every aspect of each organisation, its strategic objectives and how its property, workplace, people and technology can support those objectives.

But we are not theorists – we see projects through. We are involved throughout the entire process, ensuring that the various stages of work meet with our client’s requirements and expectations, and that opportunities to communicate with the wider organisation are maximised.

We ensure that the environments we deliver are fit for purpose. Our consultative approach to workplace design maximises the potential benefits from your workplace, whilst minimising the potential and perceived risks associated with workplace transformation.

Workplace strategy.


Armed with knowledge, we align your organisation strategy with workplace strategy.


The evidence gathered from our research is the cornerstone to building a coherent and effective workplace strategy. By engaging with both the workforce and key stakeholders, we achieve a holistic view of the organisation’s workplace requirements.

In order for your workplace to support the ever-evolving needs of your organisation, it must be flexible and adaptable. Aligning workplace strategy with organisational strategy is an essential part of delivering improved business performance and productivity.

We design high performing work environments that are fit for purpose today, whilst being flexible to support future business requirements.



Additional consulting services.


Our experienced team cover an extensive range of workplace consulting services.


We understand the importance, benefits and the ease that a single point of contact brings. With this in mind we have innovated and developed our consulting services to provide our clients with a comprehensive approach to workplace consultancy.

These additional consulting services include:



High performance workplaces.


Organisations that act holistically; analysing the way they operate, starting with their people and the nature of their work and building out from there, obtain valuable insight to inform an evidence-based approach to workplace design and workplace strategy.

Manage your workplace performance

Workplace performance management.


Our approach is multi-faceted, when evaluating the performance of work environments.

We work with you to identify and remove hidden obstacles that hinder business processes and performance. We enable people to achieve more, driving profitability and competitiveness for your organisation. Our robust methodology places your people first.


We investigate.

We start by understanding your organisation’s objectives and outputs, and the way your people work to achieve them.

We evaluate.

Our research tools identify opportunities to improve the performance of your workplace, by better supporting your people and processes.

We implement.

The information gathered forms the cornerstone of an evidence-based workplace design that maximises the support for your people, enabling them to work smarter and to achieve more.


Workplace performance management considers a multitude of impact areas which are illustrated below.

Workplace productivity.

Employee wellbeing.

Business innovation.

Business future proofing.

Cultural & brand impact.

Collaboration & communication.

Worksetting evaluation.

Technology adoption.

New ways of working.

Behavioural change.

Team & employee effectiveness.

Organisational health & fitness.

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By viewing the workplace strategically, we deliver high performing workplaces that are flexible and adaptable to your organisations future requirements.

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Workplace performance management.


Workplace strategy.


Additional consulting.


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