The Science of Workplace Design.™
The Science of Workplace Design.™

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We look holistically at your property.


We recognise that there is an optimum location, size and type of workplace that will allow your people and organisation to work proficiently.

We match the findings from our research and benchmarked data against existing or proposed accommodation and assess their suitability to accommodate the business’s long term strategic requirements.

Looking strategically at how you use property is an opportunity for you to reinvent your business, influence behaviours and update infrastructures.


Your businesses needs drive property decisions.

Relocation strategy.


Before considering any major property decision, we encourage you to rethink how you use your space.

Our building appraisal approach enables us to assess a short-list of potential property, including existing portfolios. We match the findings from our research against each building and assess its suitability to accommodate the business’s long term strategic and operational requirements.

Our reports summarise the relative benefits of each property against the pre-agreed weighted criteria.


Royal College of General Practitioners

Mapping your property requirements.

Model Office.

Optimising the use of space ensures your property supports your workforce in the most efficient way.

We have developed a methodology that brings together the operational requirements gathered in the research phase of a project with the optimal space use needed to support those requirements.

Once agreed, the Model Office become the template for the building appraisal and planning process.

Space Budgets.

Structured like a financial budget, the Space Budget combines with the Model Office to form the building blocks for the new work environment. The Space Budget ensures the extent to which future flexibility needs to be built into the new workplace strategy.

Our consultants and designers work alongside our clients to explore “what if” scenarios, enabling the client and project team to understand the impact of different headcount projections, or altered ratios of different work settings on the space-requirement “bottom line”.


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Design and account management.





Lucy Kelleway, Workplace Consultant

Maximise your property's performance.


Our workplace and property consultants during the initial stages combine high-level stakeholder briefings with employee engagement. We assess the feasibility of your property, taking into account your current and future workplace requirements.

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