The Science of Workplace Design.™
The Science of Workplace Design.™

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We are commercial interior design and workplace consultants.


We help our clients solve complex, strategic, workplace problems through effective research and evidenced-based design.


For over three decades we have investigated the links between the performance of workplaces and the performance of the people who use them.

Our approach has been consistent. By working closely with our clients, we uncover the underlying drivers for their workplace transformation and deliver high performing work environments that achieve their business objectives.


Our research tools deliver a comprehensive evaluation of your workplace’s performance, providing a data-driven understanding of the way your organisation’s processes, people and spaces operate.

Using this data-orientated approach to workplace design, we help you to uncover areas of greatest opportunity to improve your workplace’s and organisation’s performance.

By putting your people at the heart of the process, combined with a commitment to a measurable approach to workplace design, we deliver environments that fit seamlessly with your organisation, and for the people who work within them.

Reinforced by our research and data, our aim is to provide a coherent, long-term workplace strategy that aligns with your organisational strategy.


The best workplaces deliver improved performance.


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Our analytical, evidence-based approach to workplace design has given us an unrivalled body of research and insight into the workplace.



Workplace design supported by insight.

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Our collaborative, consultative approach puts people at the heart of the process.


We take a holistic view our clients’ workplaces and how those workplaces influence people’s performance. We understand that bringing together the people, processes, environments and technologies that an organisation needs to function is pivotal to workplace and business performance.





Organisations change when their people understand the need for change and embrace it.


Our behavioural change experts work with you to understand your people, your culture and the positive drivers for change in your business.




Our workplaces are efficient, beautifully-designed places that support and reflect our client’s values and business goals.

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We assess your property’s suitability to accommodate your long term strategic requirements.



Leading organisations never stand still and neither does the workplace technology that drives them.

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Our flexible project delivery and account management service is tailored to your project’s specific needs.


Our multi-disciplinary team supports our clients throughout the entire journey. It is this support, reassurance and peace of mind that our clients really come to value and recognise.



Our in-house experts are able to independently source the most appropriate and best value furniture, fixtures and equipment.


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People bring spaces to life. Understand how and you’ll have the formula to underpin a design that delivers.

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