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The Shredder, OnOffice.

Nick Fletcher

I've identified a few things from the world of commercial interiors that can be crammed into the Shredder in this month's OnOffice.


Here are three of my gripes.


HR left in the cold.

“So”, says the head of property, “we need our next workplace to be flexible, future-friendly and aligned with our culture”. Who do you think is the last person to find out about this? That’s right, it’s the head of HR.

The often too-late involvement of HR directors in workplace projects has always been a mystery to me.

People are any organisation’s greatest asset, so shouldn’t HR be at the heart of things?


Sniffy consultants.

Sometimes, it’s tricky to get your head around things. For me, it’s people enjoying rugby, when football has also been invented.

Workplace projects often confront people with difficult choices. People who resist change are often described by consultants as difficult or out of touch. Actually, the opposite is often true: once they “get it”, they can be the biggest advocates for change and can provide an essential counterbalance to some of the more radical “Tom Peters vandals”.


Too-advanced tech.

We’re often told that Baby Boomers will be working for at least another ten years. So why is this major slice of the workforce largely ignored by the technology sector? Many of them (I really mean “us” here, by the way) are not attuned to “intuitive technologies”, no matter how intuitive the makers think they are.

The plethora of apps has a flipside: people who don’t hungrily consume daily downloads can feel increasingly left behind. Is it really a sin to want a mobile phone to be just that?


NF Shredder, OnOffice

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