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Business leaders urged to realign the workplace.

Josh Holder, Marketing Manager

Designing for change: creating workplaces that support business and people performance.

A group of the UK’s leading managing directors and business leaders gathered in London yesterday to discover how an optimised workplace enables superior business and people performance.

Titled, ‘Designing for change: Creating workplaces that support business and people performance’ the lunchtime seminar was hosted at the iconic Dorchester Hotel.

Intended to help businesses recognise that aligning the workplace with an organisation’s goals improves productivity and performance, the event also looked at the role the workplace plays in helping to retain top talent, the importance of understanding and celebrating the diversity of a multi-generational workforce and how to design workplaces that promote wellbeing, reduce stress and drive productivity.

“The importance of getting it right cannot be overstated. 91% of UK employees place the working environment in the top five most important issues, yet 100% consider the working environment to be in the top five worst performing.  Our event investigated this disparity and highlighted what more business leaders can do to support their greatest asset, their people, by making the workplace work harder for their businesses.

Our guests enjoyed the opportunity to hear from a variety of workplace strategy experts and network with their peers and left well-equipped with strategic advice and practical tips on how to drive better business performance.”

Nick Fletcher, Managing Director at Harmsen Tilney Shane, host of the event.


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