The Science of Workplace Design.™
The Science of Workplace Design.™

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Insight & Analysis: Improve the potential of your people and workplace

RSVP: Join us at this exclusive event to find out how organisations like yours evaluate their workplace to deliver improved workplace performance and wellbeing.


Wellbeing Part 3: How to recognise your team has mental health challenges.

Hard to spot and often under-estimated, mental health is the modern Achilles heel of many organisations.


Wellbeing Part 2: Are you making your employees ill?

Illness isn’t good for business. 


Wellbeing Part 1: What is wellbeing and what does successful workplace wellbeing look like?

Workplace wellbeing is fast becoming one of the key drivers for organisational change as businesses recognise the direct link between wellbeing, productivity and commercial success.


Business leaders urged to realign the workplace.

Designing for change: creating workplaces that support business and people performance.


7 things you should know to derive strategic value from the workplace.

As UK businesses try to weather the choppy seas of a continued productivity crisis, greater onus is being placed on finding ways to generate more from the same amount of labour and capital.


Understanding the Strategic Value of the Workplace

Determining the strategic value of the workplace can only be achieved if you understand the complete worth of your assets.


MIPIM 2019

Over 26,000 Participants from 100 countries. Join the ultimate Real Estate Industry experience of the year.


Runners up at the Silverstone Classic.

The Silverstone Classic is an annual three-day car and race event at the UK's Silverstone circuit.


Taking to the tracks in support of Prostate Cancer.

Harmsen Tilney Shane is taking to the tracks for charity this weekend by sponsoring a car in the annual star-studded Silverstone Classic Celebrity Challenge Trophy Race.


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