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Annual Workplace Research Report 2018.


The workplace is inextricably linked to productivity. Understanding its role and current state of performance can have considerable benefits to your organisation.

Our Annual Workplace Research Report focuses on the relationship between people, productivity and the workplace, and highlights the latest trends and forces that are shaping the way modern businesses operate.

By summarising our workplace research findings from the last 12 months of work with our clients across a range of industries, our report aims to throw a spotlight on the biggest challenges UK businesses face in optimising their workplaces. It also explores some of the innovative thinking that is driving the future of work.

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From the last 5 years alone we have seen a significant mismatch between workplace environments and the activities staff are attempting to undertake. By quantifying and analysing the way they work, many of our clients have been able to rationalise their workplaces, making considerable savings to the bottom line, whilst also improving collaboration and communication among their people.

The workplace is not purely a cost but an asset that can be aligned to support an organisation’s operational needs and contribute to business performance.

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